The Legend of Alan Woods and Curio

In outback South Australia, nestled well out of the way,
A monument of a horse and rider, I came across one day.
It stood back from the roadside there for all to see,
I knew that here without a doubt was a piece of history.

Well I’ve never been a horseman but I respect the men who are,
Whenever there’s a rodeo they come from near and far.
Now this is the tale of Alan Woods and a little brumby mare,
Who fought their way into history, one the rodeo circuit there.

Curio was three years old in Nineteen Forty Five,
Macumba station was here home for that’s where she was sired.
They sent her off to Marrabel this wild eyed bucking mare,
To remain unridden for eight years and become a legend there.

Curio was the feature horse at Marrabel each year,
Where the best of all Australia were invited to appear.
In October Nineteen Fifty Three, young Alan Woods was there
To make his name forever in answer to the dare.

Now ten seconds isn’t very long when you try to hold your breath,
But it feels like eternity on a cyclone dealing death.
A mighty roar rose from the crowd as dust flew from the course,
Some cheering for the rider, some cheering for the horse.

The bucking style of Curio was something grand to see,
A legend in a lifetime that is now a memory.
She died in Nineteen Seventy at the age of Twenty Eight,
Leaving behind four fighting sons to follow in her wake.

Alan Woods was a household word that spread across the land,
If Harry Morant were there that day he’d have surely shook his hand.
While many noted riders were there on that day too,
But none as proud as Alan Woods before the day was through.

And so I left the monument of the man and horse out there,
With flying hooves, flaring nostrils and dust that filled the air.
And I fancied I could hear the crowd of people cheering still,
With the squealing, bucking Curio, sounding loud and shrill.

Written by A Gale, Margaret River, Western Australia